Poetry Speaks Truth

I am in two poetry groups in my area here near Chicago, USA. I feel so lucky to have these friends and associations with writers. I like short poems best.

Poems of the Compassionate

"I care for you and the cries of your heart, your adolescent heart that never fully experienced the freedom of a teenager because of poverty, hunger...

My time

My life reflects a shadow, caught in a world I don’t know, stifled beyond recognition, I wait the time for freedom. For I am but a mindless drone, I ask not how and I don’t question why.


Hi y'all, Just joined this group and I have a couple of my story/poems posted on my journal so if anyone is interested they are there to be read and feedback would be happily appreciated.


This is to formally inform all our members that I am ready to write poems for anyone who is interested, it is free of charge and I hope you will avil the opportunity.


We need education Whether formal or informal education For without education We face critical situations Education is required For people to acquire By developing skills and talents