A Little Lighter Side

Below is an article which I think is a good read because it shows that despite the atrocities in the DRC, there are still some things that represent "some" normalcy-Focus on the positive, but actively

Girls Learn their sexuality

Geta Secondary School emerged top in the TYSA Wasichana Tunaweza (Girls We Can) Open Soccer tournament played at the TYSA sports ground in Sinyereri over the weekend.
 TYSA | 01 Jun, 2011
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Triumph of Women and Sport

Women and girls are at ground zero in the battle for their right to play sports. But it’s a fight that can lead to immense gains for women and their communities.

GGM's New Celebrity Endorser!

Global Girl Media announced today that Julie Foudy, former Olympic Gold Medalist and Captain of the USA Women;s Soccer Team, will serve as Spokesperson for the non-profit organization and their pilot


The country is abuzz with the upcoming 2010 Soccer World Cup here in South Africa. And since 1994, the country has made great legislative strides in the empowerment of women.