Crimea women for peace. Photo by

Crimea Women for Peace

Finally everyone in the world knows Crimea, my beautiful Crimea, a multinational territory located in the South of Ukraine… or… it was located?.…
Photo by REUTERS

Yellow, blue & blood red

25 people died, more than 1000 are injured. This is the result of the raid launched by police on Independence Square in Kyiv yesterday, February 18…
One of the posters of Euromaidan. Author: Alexander Lisovsky

Apocalypse today?..

Gas bombs, fire, fights, people occupying municipality building just to receive food and hot tea… These are not the scenes from the apocalyptic movie; this is today reality of Kyiv, the capital of Ukr…
"I am Ukrainian, and I can't keep calm." Photo from Instagram, author: @youltsou


Yesterday was my birthday. But instead of receiving warm greetings from my Ukrainian colleagues I received a call for the help…

Female face of Ukraine

Usually observing all from the sidelines, Ukraine these days became the center of attention. What so interesting for the whole world has happened here…