Mother, woman

Just yesterday the world celebrated the Mother's Day. The social networking sites, radios and television channels were bombarding us with emssages and advertisements.

Hello World, It's me Laolu!

I have been mulling over in my mind how to end this phase of the journey and my eureka moment came this morning as I took my daily run. I decided that the best way would be to let it all out.

I am not defined.

Am I my country, that girl from the US? No. Am I my class, that girl who thrived in a loving home? No. Am I my family, mother, wife, daughter, sister to two handicapped brothers? No.

"Feeling the Gratefulness"!

I've used terms like "feel the pressure, feel the burn, feel the moment"-my whole adult life. Now I actually DO feel it. Does anyone else know what I mean?
 KimW | 24 Jul, 2011