Getting Started

Here you can explore the World Pulse website, learn how to stay safe online, how to change your password, and what to do if you have forgotten your username or password.



World Pulse Website


Global Issues: This is a window into today's biggest challenges that women of our online community are speaking out about worldwide. You’ll find hand-picked highlights from the diverse voices of our global community and reports on the collective impact of World Pulse members. 

Click on a Topic Page for more in depth exploration of some of the most discussed issues in our community. We will continue to add Topic Pages that examine areas of interest identified by our community.

Community: Here you will find all public journal posts and group entries from all community members. This is the place to hear what the community is talking about. From here you can access:

  • Training: Information and resources to empower your growth.
  • Resource Exchange: Connect to a network of opportunities, such as: conferences, jobs, and scholarships. You can also post your own needs or offers.
  • Resource Library: Access and share toolkits, manuals, guides, and best practices on a range of topics.
  • Events: Find events you’re interested in and post events that you think other members would be interested in attending.
  • Group Directory: A list of groups where members can connect based on shared interests. We will be adding new groups over time that will offer more opportunities for learning and engaging. Note: The Intel® She Will Connect Practice Lab is not listed here as it is a private group for Intel® She Will Connect students and World Pulse mentors.
  • Member Directory: Find community members that share your interests and are located near you.

Get Involved: Access Take Action, World Pulse's active campaigns. You can also learn about taking a leadership role in the World Pulse Online Community and about World Pulse Live.

About Us: Learn everything you need to know about the World Pulse organization.

My Pulse: Quickly access your account and post to the community.

  • The Getting Started Guide has additional information about making posts, joining groups, the resource exchange and library, events, and how to update your account and profile. It is attached below or you can view and download it from here.



Connect with World Pulse on Social Media


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How to stay safe online


There are four basic safety and security points to keep in mind:

  1. Never include your personal contact information in your posts and use a made up name for your Username.
  2. Be aware that using a public internet café puts you at higher risk for surveillance and having your accounts infected with spyware that can record your key strokes and passwords. Always bring your own laptop if possible, and never leave it unattended.
  3. Create strong passwords and change them often.A strong password is hard to guess, but easy for you to remember without writing it down, is at least 8 characters, is a mixture of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters, numbers, and includes at least one special character, such as !@#?%
  4. Always log out before leaving
  • The Safety and Security Toolkit has additional information to help you become aware of the risks of engaging online and ways to protect yourself. It is attached below or you can view and download it from here.



How to change your password


If you want to change your password, select "My Account" from the “My Pulse” drop-down tab. Type your new password where it says “Change Password.” Then retype your new password where it says “Confirm Password”. You will also be asked to type in your old password. Do so, then click “Save” to save your changes



What to do if you have forgotten your password or username


  • If you have forgotten your password, click on “Log in”. This will take you to the User Account page where you will find a "Request New Password" tab. Click on the tab and enter your username or the email address associated with your World Pulse account. Then select “E-mail New Password.” We will send a new password to your personal email account that will direct you to your World Pulse account.
  • If you have forgotten your username you can use your email address to log onto the website instead. Your username will then appear on your profile page under your picture in the upper right side of the page.



PDF icon Getting Started Guide
PDF icon Safety and Security