Module 3 - Growing Your Networks and Identifying Resources

As we discussed in our earlier module, your life experiences, your community, your family and your town can be some of the things that shape your values and vision for social change. In addition, you have many other resources at your disposal, these resources are your assets. Assets could include anything from monetary resources to social resources (for example your friends, family, and support networks), in addition to intrapersonal resources, such as your creativity to navigate challenges, and your resilience,

Why is it important to identify our assets? Identifying our assets helps ground us in all the wealth of resources that every person has at their disposal, no matter who they are or where they live.  Oftentimes, we have a lot of the things we need to find the perfect solution to a challenge. 

Thus, each person brings in with them worthwhile resources wherever they go, both personal and community resources. As a member of our online community, you are already bringing an invaluable vision of possible solutions for challenges faced by women in your community and around the world.

While bringing your assets to World Pulse, you can connect with other women leaders around the world to strengthen the movement of social justice and gender equality, and you can also bring solutions for the challenges you find more pressing. The stories shared in our groups and our platform, build a trusting and supportive community. The goal is for you to amplify your reach and meet other women who can add to your resources and assets and together help identify how to meet your personal needs and tools as a leader. 

Module 3 Learning Outcomes:

Identify your personal assets and resources available to make an impact Crafting reflections about how to access your personal resources, and share them in a global online community

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