Are Microplastics in Our Water Becoming a Macroproblem?

What I have been witnessing is an increased use of plastics in our daily lives , a trend which seems ever increasing. There is no change in this. We are using more and more plastics in various forms even after knowing about its non bio-degradebility, without thinking what it means for future generations or for us the present generation. Even after so many awareness campaigns and bans PLASTIC is flourishing.

The use of polythene bags is banned in Kashmir but everything I buy is handed in a polythene bag. For some time shopkeepers tried giving things wrapped in newspapers but it didn't last long. The newspaper wrapper was inconvienient and people were not willing to carry a cloth bag all the time with them.

There have been incidents of cows dying because of polythene filled stomachs. The reason being that cows can't differ between food or the plastic bag they are in. They eat both. Food in low grade polythene bags ( which are common here) can get contaminated. 

Is it lack of alternatives or will that we are doing nothing.

Watch this video to know how far we are endangered by this stuff