Welcome to the Intro to Digital Empowerment Training!

Welcome to the Intro to Digital Empowerment Training!

           "Discovering what is happening in other parts of the world, getting to know women who are making an impact and creating a difference was greatly encouraging. I was glad to see I am not alone in the journey for more equity and justice, I was thrilled to learn I was part of a community of people who are willing to share ideas and information, give encouragement."  

                               -Elvire. Intro to Digital Empowerment Training Graduate, September 2015

Welcome to the second round of the Intro to Digital Empowerment Training! You are about to join a cohort of women around the world to strengthen your leadership and digital skills. By completing this training, you will have a chance to build a network of supporters, share your story on a global platform, and receive a certificate of completion. This training is the beginning of your online leadership journey with World Pulse, and is a prerequisite for applying for our advanced training, Voices of Our Future

Below is some information we’ve put together for you so that you are prepared to start the training on November 16. If at any time during the training you have questions or need help, we are here to support you.

How do I participate in the training?

All of the training materials will be available in this group, and you will be able to follow the directions of how and where to post your assignments in each module. The training consists of three modules with all the training content and materials, you can find them posted in the “featured” section of the page.

What if I don’t have consistent internet access?

The training is designed to be flexible so you can still participate in the training even without consistent internet access. Here are just a few ideas for how to overcome this:

  • Print all training materials at the start of the trianing.
  • Save the training materials to your computer, or to a portable memory stick.
  • Write your assignments first by hand, on a typewritter, word processor, or computer and then transfer them to the website when you do have access to the internet.
  • Complete the training on a timeline that works for your internet access.

What if I have a very busy schedule and lots of responsibilities?

Many of the women participating in this training have lot of responsibilities - family, home, work, and more! The training is self-led with a flexible timeline, so you can complete the training when it works best for your schedule. You can complete the readings and assignments at any time during the day, and any time during the three weeks.

When do I complete the training?

To be part of the second cohort and receive comments from Listeners, we recommend that you complete the training based on the timeline below. However, the training is self-led and flexible, so you can complete it on a timeline that works best for your schedule. To receive a certificate of completion at the end of December, please plan to submit all assignments by December 7.

November 16: Intro to Digital Empowerment Training begins

November 16 - November 22: Complete Module 1 readings and assignments

November 23 - November 29: Complete Module 2 readings and assignments

November 30 - December 7: Complete Module 3 readings and assignments

December 7: Intro to Digital Empowerment Training ends and all assignments are due to receive a certificate in December


What if I would like more advanced leadership training?

The Intro to Digital Empowerment Training is the first step in your online leadership journey with World Pulse. We are excited to be offering our more advanced signature training, Voices of Our Future, in January 2015. The Intro to Digital Empowerment Training is a prerequisite to apply for Voices of Our Future. You can learn more about Voices of Our Future and apply here. Applications are due 31 December 2015. 


We are so glad that you chose World Pulse for your digital empowerment journey, and can’t wait to get started!