Deadline Extended to 21 December!

I am glad to tell you that we have extended the deadline to submit all of your assignments for the Intro to Digital Empowerment Training. We have extended it until 21 December!

We understand that a lot of us can experience unexpected challenges in our lives that can make it difficult to meet some our commitments, which is why we have extended our deadline for you to register and submit the training assignments by 21 December, 2015. It is not too late to submit your training assignments. Continue checking our Intro to Digital Empowerment Training group for information and updates!

We also want you to feel that you still have the opportunity to invite those women in your community, who you think will benefit from this training, to participate alongside with you.   

The World Pulse community is here to make sure that all voices are heard and they have a space for telling their story on their own words. The goal with this training is to make our experiences with online communities as exciting and accessible as we can, so no voice is unheard.

Keep up submitting your assignments for this training and you will see leadership opportunities coming your way, like participating in more advance trainings like Voices of Our Future, joining us as Welcomers or Listeners and much more. Check out our online leadership roles here!

We are looking forward to listening to all of your stories and continue the movement for end gender inequity.

In partnership,