Having a positive attitude about money is a key element of financial capability.What is your attitude and belief regarding money and financial matters?The answer to this question is a key driver of one's behaviour ragarding finances.A person's attitude towards will lead them to behave in a certain manner.Thus it is important ton watch and take note of your attitude regarding money and finances at any point in time.



Knowledge is power.The Bible talks about people perishing because of lack of knowledge.It is what you know that will always set you free in life.What do you know about money and financial matters? We get to acquire knowledge by looking for it, and acting on what we have known.If you are a child get to ask your parents at home about money matters.At school get to talk about it with your teachers.At church get to understand about money matters too.Financial service providers like banks, microfinance institutiions, credit associations, village banks, insurance companies and stokvels have information about money in various ways.Get to visit such providers and get information about money and financial matters.Knowledge is also acquired by attending trainings and workshops on the related matter of money and finances.Reading books and newspapers also enlightens us about the subject.Having a reading culture is very important and you keep on updated about trends and new developments regarding money and finances.You are what you know and act upon.


Self efficacy refers to an individual's belief in his or her capacity to execute behaviours necessary to specific performance attainments(Bandura, 1976,1986,1997)

Self efficacy reflects confidence in the ability to exert control over one's own motivation, behaviour and social environment.

The financial and monetary environment speaks to us and presents itself to us in our everyday life.But it is how we respond to this environment that gives capability.A person should not be controlled by the social, financial and economic environment around them but should control the environment inorder to be always above situations and circumstances.Thus we should work on ourselves as individuals to build our self efficacy and believing in our selves.What is your motivation regarding financial matters?

As individuals we should work hard on self grooming and having a positive mindset in life regarding all things that happen in our lives.This positive mindset will attract positive things to come our way.You attract what you think and believe.Better have a right mindset about money and financial matters and work out yourself on a daily basis to always live a life of a positive attitude.

As women we should not let the social pressures affect our positive mindsets.