Wake Up World!

My article was just published at: I'm so excited I wanted to share with you! Corinna


In August 2010, I was selected alongside thrity women and four men to attend a training for transformatio in Cape Town, it was a very competitive programme and I was so happy when I received the noti

Creating a culture of peace.....

There is so much to do in every new day that it sometimes can feel overwhelming to accomplish the many items on my 'to do' list. Not a complaint....just a statement of fact!
The sky is the limit!

This is only the beginning

If someone would have asked me what my personal vision for my life is before I joined Pulse Wire, I would have confuse them with my personal background, how I’ve come to work for a civil society organ


I entered India on the May 2, 2010 to study Gender, Diversity and Transformation, a program supported by Visthar in Dodda Gubbi Village, Bangalore.