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CAMEROON: My Business Helped Me Escape Domestic Abuse

Stephanie Mah
Posted August 29, 2018 from Cameroon

Despite challenges and push back from her husband, Stephanie Mah launched her own business and transformed her life.

“When my husband realized we needed both incomes for our family to move forward, he apologized for all his maltreatment.

My story, I believe, is known by many women: I am a victim of male domination and violence. I write with a heavy heart, full of pain and anguish as I recall the domestic violence I went through at the hands of my husband.

I believe everyone was created for a purpose and ambition. Yet, in rural communities like mine, women often marry without fulfilling their dreams of working to support themselves and their families.

When I got married in 2007, I was a hairdresser. By 2009, my husband could not afford the equipment I needed to use for work, so I started cooking food and selling it. But, out of jealousy, my husband asked me to quit hawking food. I refused and tried to help him understand how the little income I made from selling helped us in our home financially, but he refused to listen to me.

At one point, whenever I had a pot on the fire, my husband would pour out the contents. This continued for some time, so we started fighting and he would beat me very badly. For the sake of peace, I stopped selling food. After some time, I began selling credit in a call box which he supported, but after a few weeks, he opposed this work too.

I switched to hawking boiled groundnut, but he did not like that either. I knew that I wanted and needed to work, however. My husband’s income was not enough, and we needed more money.

I wept and grew pale: I didn’t understand the man I married anymore, and I could not imagine that he who was supposed to be by my side comforting me was the same man beating and discouraging me in everything I wanted to do.

Whenever I thought of my problems I felt like screaming so the whole world could hear my pains, but I thought it was of no use because no one would understand me.

For months, I stayed home but we were not in good shape financially. I went out in search of a job again and got hired at a printing firm; he opposed that and called his parents to come and talk to me and ask me to choose between my work and my marriage. In tears, I chose marriage.

Four years passed, and I stayed home without working and our condition remained the same. I could not take it anymore so by the end of the year 2013, I decided to learn a trade behind his back while he was at work. I would sneak away to learn a trade. When he found out, he beat me again. I finally gave up and lost hope.

Then, I had an idea.

There was a type of milk I prepared for my family for breakfast, a milk my mother taught me how to produce. I decided to make it and sell it in my house. I told my husband about this, and to my surprise, he supported it.

After a few months, my small home business contributed to the expenses of the house and my husband was happy about it. It helped that I promised myself I would not stop this project—no matter what.

When my husband realized we needed both incomes for our family to move forward, he apologized for all his maltreatment, and he explained he could not bear other men seeing me while I was hawking.

He gave me some money to buy more soya beans so that I could produce more milk. The demand increased, and I found I could not keep up alone. So, my husband helped me by bringing the milk to shops where it was in demand. His friends began mocking him for working for me, so he stopped, and now helps only sometimes.

One night, I dreamed that I had three cars that had the label of my product plastered on them. When I woke up, I smiled and I told myself that I would become a great entrepreneur. I enrolled in entrepreneur classes and at the end of the training I got a certificate.

Though my business is not big, I sell in many shops and demand is increasing daily. I produce in a local way and it is very challenging as the quantity is little and the demand high. But I am committed to my promise to myself to not give up. I dream of having machines and a team of people working with me.


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  • Tamarack Verrall
    Sep 04
    Sep 04

    Dear Stephanie,

    What resilience you have! Your husband is very lucky that he did not lose you. By describing what he did to you and why (that he felt other men would look at you, that he had been taught that he as a man had the right to control you through violence) you are opening up this subject and no doubt many will join you with similar stories. Men are still being taught by each other that they have the right to and need to control women. You have managed to change this in your home. I was so relieved to read that he had apologized and stopped. Congrats on your amazing business abilities, and for your determination to live your life freely.

    In sisterhood,

  • Stephanie Mah
    Sep 04
    Sep 04

    Hi sister Tam,
    Thanks so very much for the support, apreceait and encouraging. I believe they're so many women out there with similar stories even more than mine to be head, together we will stand.God with us.thanks.

  • Ngwa Damaris
    Sep 04
    Sep 04

    This is so great my dear.After the rain always comes the sun Kudus!!!!

  • Tumanjong Miranda
    Sep 05
    Sep 05

    Oh my goodness! Stephanie, I'm so proud of you. You are a powerful woman and that's worth applauding. So many women will not stand the violence, but you rose beyond your pain. I can testify your product is so good. What I admire most is the fact that your husband apologized to you. So many men out there will not put lay down their pride for the sake of peace, yet your husband did. Thank for sharing your story.

  • jlanghus
    Sep 05
    Sep 05

    Hi Stephanie:) Congrats on being a featured storyteller. Great job! So proud of you:-)

    Hope you're having a great day!!!

  • C'est merveilleux d'être en harmonie dans ton foyer, courage et merci d'avoir partager votre histoire.

  • Adanna
    Sep 05
    Sep 05

    Dear Stephanie,


    Your story is really inspiring and thank you for sharing.

    I am glad that despite the domestic violence you went through in the hands of your husband, you still persisted.

    Well done sister.


  • karen_3
    Sep 05
    Sep 05

    What an inspiration you are Stephanie! Long may your success continue. Love and blessings.

  • Honesty Smith
    Sep 05
    Sep 05

    Your dream is already yours! :)

  • Hello, Stephanie,

    You are such a brave woman and you have used your power so effectively. What a joy it is that the man who prevented you from achieving your entreprenuerial endeavors humbled himself before you and apologized. I am so inspired!

    Congratulations for being a featured storyteller! Kudos for your economic achievement! Thank you for inspiring us with your story.


  • tunde
    Sep 06
    Sep 06

    This is an encouraging story for some who are facing thesame challenge and about to give up. Thanks for sharing this story.

    Sep 07
    Sep 07

    Beautiful story sis. I am glad his violence didn't harm you and eventually, you had to turn the narrative around to empower yourself. Many are trapped in abusive relationships with no way out. May this help them seek ways to empower tthemselves.

    Congratulations for being a featured story teller.

  • Françoise Hovivian

    Stephanie, you are SO inspiring to me, to us. Lots of hugs.

  • Leonida Odongo

    You are an inspiration.Keep going sister!

  • Juliet Acom

    Dear Stephanie,

    Your story inspires me. I know a few sisters who I will share it with because they are going through the same at the hands of their husbands.
    You Are an exceptional woman, thank you for standing up to domestic violence and teaching others that it can be overcome.
    God bless the work of your hands.