CAMEROON: Thanks to My Mother, I Am an Advocate for Peace

Ngwa Damaris Ngum shares her philosophy of peace and gives thanks to the woman who transformed her world view.

I am a testament to how the voice of one woman can change a person.

I was one with the world until race separated me from the rest of the world. Race arises from the need for nature to express human existence in diverse groups, in order to make life more colorful and beautiful. Just because I am black, you are white, she is yellow, does not make us different.

I was one with the world until borders separated me from the rest of the world. Borders are artificial lines that delineate geographic areas. Borders were created as a means of easily managing social groups, but they have now become a source of conflict instead of a means to preserve order and peace. Countries fight each other because they feel they are different. That I am from Africa and you are from Europe, Asia, or America does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until religion separated me from the rest of the world. Religion is a particular system of faith, beliefs, and worship. Religious groups’ fight each other and religious leaders do very little to bring about peace. Religion, which was supposed to be the most loving and harmonizing platform, has now become a major perpetrator of hatred and conflict. That I am Christian and you are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until language separated me from the rest of the world. Languages are simply a system of communication. They are not meant to separate us. That I speak English and you speak French, German, or Chinese does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until wealth separated me from the rest of the world. Wealth is an abundance of material possessions or money. I should not be treated poorly because I am poor and you treated nicely because you are rich. That I have a thousand francs and you have one million francs does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until education separated me from the rest of the world. Education is supposed to be a means for us to develop and mobilize our individual and collective strengths; it should not be a medium for division and hostility. That I have a Bachelor’s degree and you have a Doctorate degree does not make us different.

This is my philosophy of peace.

I was born knowing that I was equal to every other person on earth but then society made me know that I am black and therefore I should despise whites. I am a Christian and should belittle non-Christians. I am African, I am a girl, I am...

For a long time, I felt less than others, and so I hated those who were different from me. I built ideologies of division and hate. But then my mother instilled in me the values of equality, love, peace, and unity.

Because of the power of one woman, I stand today in my little corner of the Earth as an advocate for peace. I am a testament to how the voice of one woman can change a person.

My mother taught me that no human is different or greater than another human being on Earth. She taught me that for peace to reign, I must have love and compassion for myself and everyone around me. She taught me to never allow anyone to make me feel like a nobody. She taught me to respect every human being, face the bullies, and lift up the downcasted in society.

Today, I thank my mother, and I call on every woman to sing her song of peace to their children. As women, we are told to keep our voices silent. Instead, let us raise our voices to create a future generation of peacemakers. Our time on Earth is short, and our calling is to help the next generation live in a world that is peaceful and united.


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Dear Dama,

Your article is so great and it inspires me to be a gentler and a more loving person. May your incredible words touch millions as it has touched me.

In peace,


Bright Blessings,


Hi Damaris, thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm so proud of you and your story is so teaching. I wish many mothers could instill this value in their children. Everyone in the world is one, no matter where you come from and who you are. CONGRATULATIONS!  

Hello Damaris I am so elated with this great piece of arts.I applaud your mum for creating such a wonderful impact in your life.It has made u the person you are today.Kudos 

Damaris - what a stunning story!  You have a bright future ahead as a writer, communicator and storyteller.  Keep speaking peace!!!

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

beautiful Damaris thank you so much! I love how you did this- talking about being one with the world, and then found, and overcame all those obstacles. Another smart person, Albert Einstein, once said this:

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.



Oh! I don't have words to express my appreciation to you. I share your view my darling sister.

You are born for this.

I'm starting Peace and Green Vilage here in Ethiopia.We'a great circle of volunteers with beautiful hearts like yours.

Please build a village there.

Peace and Green Innitiative For Africa

With love,


Mulatwa Mosisa

Thanks Mulatwa. With people like you, there is hope for a peaceful and equal world. I will like to know more about this initiative because I am interested in building one here .My country is in deep crisis because of marginalization and inequality of the anglophones. Pls just tell me more about it so that I add my ideas and go straight out to start up.:)