When you think about the natural world you want to live in—and the world you want to leave for the next generation—what will you fight to preserve?

Is it the rain-soaked forest path you retreat to; the sound of bees buzzing in the garden; clear mountain air; the lizard that occasionally crosses your path; the crops you tend, or the silver, speckled fish that provide your livelihood?

The natural world provides us with our essential needs ofshelter, food, and water—as well as breathtaking beauty. Across cultures and time, it has served as an endless source of inspiration.

But in this era of dramatic environmental change, our natural world is in danger. We know that our human activities on Earth are contributing to irreversible changes to the climate. We contend with air pollution in our cities and desertification of our farmland. Natural resource extraction threatens many of our ecosystems and ways of life.

This is an opportunity to tell a story about the land you love. Feel free to use words, images, and video in your storytelling. When sharing images, give context to the subject matter and explain what it means to you.

What do you see when you look out the window? What do you cherish? What changes have you seen over time? What are the most urgent environmental threats in your community? And how are you inspired to act?


Community Submissions