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We are surrounded by images that try to define aging for women. But what if the story instead came from our own experiences, our own self-love and brave beauty, from our hopes and dreams for ourselves?

We invite your stories about aging. How do you relate to growing older? What are you looking forward to? What are you learning along the way? Do you have wisdom to share?

Whatever your age, we want to hear from you! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Send gratitude to yourself for the journey you have taken to arrive where you are in life.

  • Compare what you thought you knew when you were younger to what you know now.

  • Challenge tired assumptions and expectations. Are there things society tells you you’re “not supposed to do” at your age? Do people view you differently than you view yourself because of your age? Share your experiences.

  • Write an open letter to an older or younger woman.

  • Replace the images that don’t reflect your reality. Create your own! Share photos, videos, or written words that capture the beauty of aging.

  • Share your vision for how women of all ages can support each other. How can we change the story?

This is an opportunity to raise our voices, to embrace aging, to honestly discuss our desires and fears, and tell our own stories about what it means to grow older.


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