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STEM Is for Everyone

Imagine a world where the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math are no longer dominated by men, where women and girls have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential and their contributions to advancing society are celebrated and encouraged. Today, women and girls are breaking into STEM fields and helping to usher in that world.

We invite your stories about gender and STEM. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Tell a story about your early experiences with science, technology, engineering, or math. Were you ever told you couldn’t do something, or were you guided away from certain toys or interest areas because of your gender?

  • Are you a woman or girl involved with STEM? Tell your own story! We welcome narratives from anyone over the age of 14. What is your experience with science, technology, engineering, or math? What challenges have you faced? What accomplishments would you like to share with the world? Have you created a cool app or website, a science project, or challenged yourself in new ways?

  • Tell the stories of girls who are leading the way. Show the world what girls can do when they are given opportunities in STEM fields.

  • Tell a story about a STEM role model you had as a girl or someone you see today setting a positive example for girls.

  • Write a letter to a girl in your life about your vision for her future. What have your experiences been with STEM? How have things changed? And what are your hopes for her?

  • Help rewrite the story for women in STEM. What does it mean for the future to have girls involved and leading these fields. What will change in the world when girls and women are fully included in STEM?

Through our stories, we can celebrate important achievements and show the way forward for girls and women in STEM.

Deadline Extended: THIS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS CLOSES ON 9 November, 2017 AT 11:59 PM PST.

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