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Tell us, who are you thankful for?

Behind every story of success or story of transformational change, there are stories of those who have inspired and motivated us, stories of those who have been our guiding lights.

Let’s celebrate the important people in our lives by sharing a story of gratitude for all they have given to us and our causes.

You can tell a story about a person or group of people who have been instrumental in your journey to make change in your community. Maybe you had a teacher who encouraged you to pursue your passion or a parent who never doubted your inner strength and power to change the world. Maybe you had a neighbor who helped you with a meal, a word of advice, or gave you a place to go when things felt overwhelming. Or maybe you are part of a community that is your support system, cheering you on and holding you with care whenever things get tough.

From those who have encouraged us to those who have challenged us to do things differently, together let’s show our appreciation for the people and communities who have helped us get to where we are today.

We welcome your stories in whatever form feels right to you—from a poem or song, to a letter, a video, or a personal narrative.

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