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After #MeToo: Stories of Change

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Last month, a seemingly simple hashtag became a loudspeaker for women across the world.

In the aftermath of sexual assault allegations against Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein, millions of women took to social media to loudly proclaim #MeToo. The hashtag, which women used to indicate that they too had experienced sexual assault or harassment, quickly trended. Suddenly, the scale of gender-based violence became undeniable.

This month, as we gear up for the annual 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, which begins on 25 November and continues through 10 December, World Pulse seeks stories that build on the momentum of the #MeToo movement.

The hashtag helped us to name the problem, but it was just a first step.We know that women across the world are championing solutions to violence. Let’s come together to name what is working. Where do you see progress happening in your community, and what do you see as the next step we can all take to make violence a thing of the past?

You may wish to share a story about simple steps you take every day to keep women in your community safe. Or you may wish to share your vision of what the world would look like if all women and girls were safe from harm. Maybe you have something you want to say to your abuser, or words of advice to impart to other survivors of violence.

Whatever you want to share on the topic, your voice matters. Let’s continue to speak out, so that together we can begin to chart a path forward.


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