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From 25 June to 31 July, we're hosting a month-long Digital Wave event highlighting our Economic Power as women. Add your voice and be a part of the Wave! 

We’re seeking stories about the powerful ways we are impacted by inequity—and the even more powerful ways we are standing up, owning our power, redefining wealth, and calling for radical changes to our broken economic systems.

We are creating businesses, advocating for our right to equal pay, and pushing for informal work to be recognized and valued. We are showing the world that wealth is about more than finances—it’s about healthy families, connected communities, fresh air, clean water, and a world where everyone has enough.

Let’s come together and show just how powerful we are as women.

To participate, share any story you wish—in any format!—about the broadly defined concept of Economic Power.

  • Maybe you have an idea brewing for a business and need encouragement to get it off the ground, or maybe you are an established entrepreneur and movement builder with wisdom to pass on to others.  
  • You can speak about issues you have faced in the workplace—from unequal pay structures to sexual harassment—or issues you have faced as a member of the caring economy. Maybe there was a time you felt your work was truly valued, or a time you felt your contributions to your community were overlooked.  
  • You can share a vision you have for a new economic framework, or highlight innovations your community has adopted to challenge the status quo.
  • Consider helping us to create a new definition of wealth that values everyone’s contribution and the things that truly matter.

Whatever story you have to share about Economic Power, we want you to hear from you.

We know that when we join our voices and exchange resources—our stories, our words of encouragement, our time, our skills, our wisdom—we can create a new bottom line.

Let’s show the world that when we connect, when we speak out and lift each other up—we have more than enough to invest in each other and the new world we seek.

This call is part of the World Pulse #WealthofWomen Digital Wave event! Stories submitted to this call may be featured on our new Economic Power topic page.

THIS CALL FOR STORIES CLOSED ON 31 JULY, 2018 AT 11:59 PM PST. If you have a story to share about Economic Power, you can still submit to the Share Your Story on Any Topic call for stories.

Stories from our community