Calls for Stories


Let’s rise together to celebrate youth transforming the world.


How do you relate to growing older?

Earth Emergency

We only have one planet Earth. Can we apply our collective knowledge and action to sustain it?

Online Harassment

What will it take to make the Internet safe for all women to participate fully?

How We Resist

Let’s inspire each other and celebrate resistance in all its forms.

Feminist Fathers

Tell us about fathers who are creating change and championing the rights of women and girls.

Period Talk

Menstruation shouldn’t be a hush-hush topic, cloaked in mystery and euphemisms. So let’s talk about it!

Art for Change

Do you have a story of art in action?

Lifelong Learning

We’re seeking stories about women pursuing education and training as adults—along with all of the accompanying challenges and rewards.

Moments of Hope

In times of darkness, where do we find light?