Frequently Asked Questions

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Encouragers are World Pulse members who help make sure that every story on our platform receives an encouraging comment. They are critical in creating an online space where all women feel seen and heard.
Encouragers spend time each week posting encouraging comments on World Pulse members’ stories. Stories are automatically assigned to Encouragers based on their individual interests.
You can skip the post, or refer to our response guide:

  • Share what resonated with you. If specific aspects of a post resonated with you, point them out to the storyteller.
  • Personalize your comments. Use the storyteller’s name and, when it makes sense, sharing your own related experience.
  • Encourage solutions. If the storyteller has brought up an issue, consider asking what she thinks are possible solutions. Help her see that she is the expert on her own situation.
  • Reflect and research. Some stories may benefit from taking time to think about before responding. Before commenting, do some research on the issue presented.
  • Focus on the content. World Pulse members live all over the world and have different customs for use of the English language. With that in mind, avoid commenting on word choice, and instead focus on the content of each woman’s story.


Click on the “Mark this as spam” link (at the bottom of each story) when you see content such as commercial advertising, threats, offensive language or spam. The World Pulse team will take the appropriate steps to moderate this content.
If someone asks you for financial support, encourage her to instead post her request to the Resources page, which is designed to connect women with other members offering resources like funding, grants, and loans.
Men are important and essential players in the effort to achieve gender equality around the world. If this is something you are passionate about, we invite you to become an Encourager!