Women, Peace, and Security Report 2019

Women are often on the frontlines of conflict—not just as victims or combatants, but as powerful agents of change and peace. And yet, despite it being nearly 20 years since the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 which mandated women’s inclusion in peace processes, women remain on the outside of peace and security decision-making.

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In the fall of 2018, World Pulse crowdsourced the stories, experiences, and expertise of women across the world to democratize peacebuilding and security efforts. Together with our partners Our Secure Future and the Women's Alliance for Security Leadership - ICAN, we collected women’s voices to shed light on what peace and security means to those who are most immediately impacted by it. We also conducted a global survey to hear from women worldwide. Nearly 350 women responded to the survey in addition to 150 World Pulse members who shared personal narratives on WorldPulse.com.

In this report, we share the ways women are redefining security by highlighting their security concerns and priorities, their accounts of how violence affects their lives, and their recommendations for including more women in security efforts.

To read the full study—which includes the findings, as well as women's recommendations for addressing security issues and three full length stories from featured storytellers—download the report

"Take time to listen to women, really listen to women. Women are the key to a healthy, prosperous, and flourishing future. The world needs change, and women are the ones that will bring it about."  -Survey Respondent, Spain

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