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As tensions escalate in the English speaking region of Cameroon after years of conflict, women leaders are campaigning for peace. They are organizing Twitter conversations, creating online petitions, holding virtual peace talks, and joining across divides to call for an immediate ceasefire.

These leaders log on to World Pulse to share their urgent stories from the front lines of a conflict that has displaced more than half-a-million people. Together, they are speaking out and ushering in change.

stories from Cameroon.

Peace for Cameroon

As the #AnglophoneCrisis in Cameroon intensifies, women are on the front lines—not just as victims or combatants, but as powerful agents of peace. On World Pulse, women are logging on to share their stories. Tell us, how are women leading change to unify a divided country? What is your vision for the future of Cameroon? 

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