Magezi Bashir
Magezi Bashir: The Founder and CEO Girls In School Initiative.
  • A young Girl In School.

I was born here, I grew up from here, I studied from here, I learnt my first lessons from here, I made my first friends here, it’s the only place I understand most on earth because even when I sleep, I can explain the whole map of it, and tell the names of every one in it and everything there.

What makes it unique from other places? It’s where I grew up from. So it gave me all what I needed, and supported me when I needed it, and IT MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY.

But I ask myself. Does it need me? For what? What can I give back? In what capacity can I give back? And dose it really feel I have to help it? But it’s my community and my country.

In 2013 while in Kihonda Village, Morogoro Tanzania, just as a community school volunteer teacher, the community treasured me, praised me and benefited a lot from me, but what was given back? A wife to marry? No. A posh car as a present? No. But I gave them all I had in capacity, and it wasn’t my community, not my country.

So I ask myself again, does my community need me? And if it does, what does it need from me? What can I do for my community and my country Uganda?

I must do something, I must give back to what the community gave me, to what the community invested in me, to what the community made me today.

I have to be a responsible citizen I have to support my community. I have to do something to help my community, I have to invest back to my community. Investment to what it needs most. The Girl Child Education.


Thank you for sharing your thought process with us.  It is very good that you have decided to help girl's education.  It will greatly benefit them throughout their lives as well as the communities they are a part of.