Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012

World Pulse Digital Action Campaign 2012

This Call to Action ended in 2012.

World Pulse believes that your stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence. The Ending Violence Against Women Campaign in 2012 was an initiative on our online platform, inviting global grassroots women leaders to share their personal testimonies and recommendations to bring an end to violence against women. The voices from this Campaign broke the silence on issues that are often taboo or hidden in their families and communities. Many were survivors who had overcome pain and fear to courageously share their story out of a belief that their voice can make a difference.

Following the campaign, World Pulse channeled your voices to major media outlets, advocacy groups, and policy makers to ensure that your perspectives were heard in the halls of power.At the close of the campaign we had a total of 153 voices speaking out on the global struggle against gender-based violence. Through these voices it has been affirmed that violence against women is a top global priority that requires urgent attention and collective action from civil society, governments, NGOs, media, and international bodies.

These voices also offered solutions. Women in this campaign called for men’s partnership to prevent violence, and several men responded and joined the campaign in solidarity. They wrote about the importance of education and training, protecting and empowering youth, economic empowerment, and maternal and reproductive healthcare. Our community members offered solutions, serving as leaders and positive role models in their families and communities.

Ending Gender-Based Violence