WWW: Women Weave the Web

Available Now!—The Final Recommendations Report

This campaign was one of World Pulse's strongest campaigns in history, with so many incredible stories, testimonies, and solutions submitted by you, our community, about digital inclusion and empowerment. We are excited to share this powerful set of recommendations with you, designed totransform the technology industry and ensure that women worldwide have equal access to digital tools, digital literacy, and the empowerment that can come from being globally connected online.

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About the campaign

This Campaign ended August 2014.

In early 2014, World Pulse launched its WWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign, aimedat crowdsourcing the wisdom of grassroots women leaders like you on issues related to digital inclusion and empowerment. Our campaign engaged the community in three phases; we kickedoff with the Digital Accessphase to find out about challenges you have accessing the Internet and the solutions you and your community are developing. We then turned our focus toDigital Literacy and subsequently toDigital Empowerment, gathering your ideas on the tools you need to fully espouse the web, as well as how the Internet empowers you to create real and powerful change on the ground.

Throughout the campaign, your stories on digital inclusion and empowerment flooded World Pulse in an uproar we never could have imagined! We received 590 submissions from nearly 70 countriesaround the globe, all advocating for a world where women and girls are empowered to access and harness the transformative power of digital tools. Community members also helped identify nearly 100 safe spaces around the world, where women could safely log on to the web.


WWW: Women Weave the Web