Grassroots Mobilizing

Grassroots Mobilizing

Submissions to this initiative have ended. Thank you to all who participated!

We believe that grassroots women leaders acting together have the potential to transform our world. We’ve seen this happen in every region and on every major issue—from human rights to the environment. We have always looked to you, our global community, to lead the way.
We invite you to add your voice on the topic of grassroots movement building.

Think of the most powerful movements for change you’ve witnessed or taken part in. Was there an event or person that ignited these movements? What made them successful? Join us in exploring how grassroots movements are sparked and nurtured.

  • How do you define grassroots movement building? Why is it important?
  • Share successes you’ve had with movement building, and your lessons learned! Have you participated in a movement around a social issue? Are you struggling to gain momentum on an initiative right now? What resources or support would be useful?
  • Have you made transformative connections on World Pulse? How did your online connections lead to changes on the ground?
  • Get creative! Share a poem, photo, video, or anything else that captures your take on grassroots movement building.

Your submissions will inspire other community leaders, and help World Pulse provide better resources for changemakers like you. Select stories may be chosen for publication on the Global Issues page, and those authors will receive an honorarium.


Once you share your solutions, put them into action!

World Pulse aims to support you by facilitating connections with the people and resources that can help you create change in your community—and in the world! We will be rolling out groups throughout the year to encourage organizing globally around issues that affect us all. Take part in the movement by joining one (or both!) of our first two topic groups.

Join theEconomic Empowerment group.
Join theLeadership group.

How do you build powerful grassroots movements?

Share your vision now!