It's Time for Action on Climate Change. Join Us!

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Submissions to this initiative have ended. Thank you to all who participated!

Global climate change is no longer a distant warning but is rapidly approaching a tipping point. The time is now to usher in a sustainable future. World Pulse is partnered with Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network—WECAN International—to unite women and allies around the worldin the lead up to a Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action on September 29.

As we bring our voices and actions together across the globe, we’re building a movement to advance grassroots climate solutions and hold governments, corporations, and international bodies accountable. Continue the discussion in the Environment Group.

Why Participate:

Big or small, any action you take is a step towards climate justice. Your voice will join voices of activists around the world demanding action. Together, we are envisioning the way forward.

  • World Pulse will publish select climate change stories to ourGlobal Issues page.
  • Those who are published on Global Issues will receive an honorarium and a Certificate of Publication.
  • Additionally, allsignatures to the Women's Climate Declaration will be delivered to the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris in December. Make your voice heard!

Tip:Stories that are 800-1000 words will be most likely to be published. We look to publish pieces that are solutions-oriented and that emphasize the personal and collective, as well as creativity, innovation, transformation, and collaboration.

Check back for links to published stories.

How to Participate:

Sign the Women’s Climate Declaration. Your signatures will send a strong message to decisionmakers in upcoming climate negotiations.

Submit a journal post on World Pulse.Why are women key to climate solutions? Write a story exploring this topic.

  • How are you or women in your community directly affected by climate change?
  • What solutions are you and your community implementing to address climate change?
  • Why is it important that women’s voices are heard and included in the decision making process around climate change?

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