Voices Against Gender-Based Violence

Submissions to this initiative have ended. Thank you to all who participated!

Together, let’s turn our collective wisdom into action!

Every day, we hear from leaders of all genders who are at the heart of the global movement to end violence against women.

Every year, the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign focuses international attention on this urgent issue. Starting today, we invite you to join with World Pulse to support survivors and reach new allies by sharing resources, offering your knowledge, or telling your story.

Whether you’re a survivor, an advocate, or an outraged citizen of the world, your voice can strengthen the global fight against gender-violence.

How to Participate:

Support this movement by taking one or both of the below actions:

Action # 1: Write a letter to someone who can be part of the solution.

  • You can write to someone you’d like to see become an ally. You could address the letter to a specific person, or a general category, such as husbands of the world, or police officers, or decision makers. You can share your wisdom with your daughter or son. You can write to your parents, to a leader or institution, or to an advocate in need of encouragement. You can even address the letter to yourself.
  • You might focus on a personal experience or you might outline actions you’d like to see.
  • Use your own unique voice and feel free to be creative with format and structure!
  • You need not actually deliver your letter to its recipient (unless you wish to). But, be sure to post it to the Take Action page using the button below.

Here is a great example of a letter written by Chibairo in Zimbabwe.

Action #2: Share a resource for survivors and advocates.

  • Do you know of a resource that might help survivors? Or a toolkit that could help an advocate? Post it to the Take Action page and help build our Resource Library of tools to stay safe and prevent violence.
  • You can write about an effective campaign or organization you’ve been involved in or learned about.
  • Your own story can be a resource! Your experiences can help someone become a more effective advocate against gender violence.
  • Be sure to post your resource to the Take Action page using the button below.

Why Participate:

A single voice can:

  • Inspire a new ally to join this fight, and provide the tools to create positive change.
  • Let someone know there are resources out there.
  • Give someone the encouragement to keep going.
  • Influence the policy environment.
  • Be heard! Select stories from this initiative will be featured on the World Pulse Global Issues page. At least two top stories will be recognized with a $100 (US) honorarium.

Together, our voices will:

  • Grow awareness. World Pulse will tweet select letters during a Twitter teach-in on December 10. Yours could be highlighted!
  • Make an impact. Submissions with helpful resources may be featured in the Gender-based Violence Group.

To submit your story to this initiative, you must click the orange button below. If you plan to come back and post your story later, be sure to bookmark the submissions form so it's easy to return to when you're ready to post!

If you are not yet a World Pulse member, get started by joining our online community and creating a profile.

The deadline for submissions is 9 December, 2015

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