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Submissions to this initiative have ended. Thank you to all who participated!

Our 21st century world is crying out for leadership that will effectively address pressing global problems. World Pulse is partnering with the Restorative Leadership Institute to inspire belief in what’s possible, and build capacity for the kind of leadership our present world requires.


World Pulse invites you to share your photos or videos of effective, sustainable, positive leadership. Your submission could win you free admission to a Restorative Leadership Institute online training seminar!

NEW! Do you have an example of effective, sustainable leadership you would like to share, but you don't have a photo or video to go with it? Here are two solutions:

  1. Take a photo of something that represents that person or their leadership style. It can be an object, a scene, a color, an action, a drawing -- or something else! Creativity is welcome, just be sure to use your own photo.
  2. Or, if you really feel strongly about leadership, but photography just isn't for you, please do share your thoughts in writing. Tell us about an "unsung leader" you know, or someone whose leadership is making lasting positive impacts. Preference will be given to posts with photos or videos when selecting training recipients, but written posts will also be considered, and we definitely want to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Your post could focus on any of the following 3 areas:

  • Show us an example of leadership in your community that is unexpected, or perhaps even goes unnoticed. Do you know a quiet leader who is making effective change without really making much noise? Do you know someone whose local impact could have a global reach that even they might not be aware of? Do you see leadership coming from unexpected sources – those who may be marginalized, or not traditionally thought of as “leaders”?
  • Show us an example of leadership that you think is having an impact on future generations. Think of your grandchildren, or even your grandchildren’s grandchildren! What is happening right now that will make the world a better place for them? What kind of leadership are you seeing that could improve their lives?
  • Show us a leader you aspire to be like, and what they are doing that makes them such an inspiration. Consider, in your photo, video, or description, what makes their leadership so unique and effective.


You know effective leadership when you see it, and you know the people and projects that really are making change and building hope in your community. This is your chance -- not to just talk about this good work -- but to show it to the world through your photos and videos.

There are many potential benefits to participation:

  • You can gain recognition for a person or project that deserves to be seen and known.
  • You can share what is truly working in your community, so that others may be inspired to support it, or implement it in their communities.
  • Select contributions will be published on the World Pulse Global Issues page, and will receive a Certificate of Publication.
  • Participants who best illustrate effective leadership through their submission will receive admission to an online training seminar exploring the participatory principles of restorative leadership. This training is a special offering from the Restorative Leadership Institute exclusively for the selected contributors.
    • Training Details: The training will consist of two conference calls (via Skype) in early April, 2016. The training will be offered in English. If you are selected for the training but you do not speak English, you may attend, but please be prepared to bring your own interpreter.


It is important to create a powerful photo or video for your submission. However, there are some important points to keep in mind when you do this:

  • Photos and videos submitted MUST be original works. It is not acceptable to use stock photos, materials created by an organization, or anything else that you did not create yourself. This requirement is meant to protect you, and World Pulse, from accidentally infringing on someone else’s copyright.
  • Remember to ask permission of anyone who appears in your photo or video. You should provide them with as much detail as possible about how you might use any photos or videos of them. We recommend asking them to sign a consent form. This is a legal requirement in many places, and a requirement for publication on World Pulse. Most important, however, is that they truly understand what you are asking of them, and that they give an informed consent.
  • Taking photos or videos of children is strongly discouraged. Posting photos or videos of children can pose a safety risk to the child. Read more here.

To submit your story to this initiative, you must click the orange button below. If you plan to come back and post your story later, be sure to bookmark the submissions form so it's easy to return to when you're ready to post!

Do you want to participate but have a question about this opportunity? Please email connect@worldpulse.com for more information!

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