Transforming the World from the Inside Out

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Submissions to this initiative ended on 8 April, 2016. Thank you to all who participated!

World Pulse—in partnershipwith Unify: Global Sisterhood, which works to create global synchronized events on important days of the year— is asking you to share your stories of personal transformation and inner triumph in recognition of International Women’s Day on 8 March.

Tell a story about how an inner triumph helped you to transform your experience of the world around you. What mindset helps you overcome challenges and obstacles?

Perhaps your story is like that of Olutosin from Nigeria, whose creativity, strength, and relationships with other women have allowed her to triumph. Where others see trash, Olutosin sees—and makes—treasure.

My personal experience and my relationship with my fellow women have given me a new (treasure) lens. A treasure lens to appreciate everything; both human and objects. The experience has created a new set of fingers for me, a new new mind, a new way of thinking, a new way of approach, new diction, and new a definition of beauty.

Olutosin Adebowale

Read her full story here.

What is your story? How have you transformed your world, on the inside and the outside?

Submissions that are 400+ words and include descriptive scenes from personal experience are most likely to be selected for publication.

Celebrate Women’s Triumphs on International Women’s Day

You can continue to spread the transformation and triumph by participating in an International Women’s Day event! Visit to join or start a Unify Circle. Remember to take pictures and write down your experiences so that you can come back and share them here!

Why Participate?

  • Just like Olutosin taught us to see treasure where others only see trash, your story can help inspire others to change the way they see themselves, or the world around them.
  • Your story will reach many on World Pulse, but it could have an even wider reach!
    • At least 3 stories will be shared on the homepage of the website.
    • At least 10 will be shared on their Facebook page, going out to their 800,000+ followers!
  • Select stories will also be featured on the World Pulse Global Issues Page. These authors will receive a certificate of publication and a $100 USD honorarium.

The deadline for this opportunity is 8 April, 2016. However, Unify will share stories throughout the 2 month campaign, so submit early to have the best chance possible of having your story featured!

Deadline for submissions is 8 april, 2016.

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