Bag Made from Recycled Materials


We can’t be oblivious to the conditions we are living in. Even if we try to ignore the excesses we are subjecting the environment to, nature repeatedly keeps warning us

One of the current problem staring us in the face is WASTE.

If you just observe for one day how much waste a family produces, and what happens to this waste, (and don’t forget we keep on increasingly generating more!) you can get an idea what we are talking about.

We believe even small steps can bring an impact. We have to do our part.

We invite you to share with us how you are treating your waste and contributing towards a healthier environment.

To participate:

1. Share your photo or write a post on World Pulse about any of the following options:

  • It can be about recycling, composting, picking up litter or any other way you help reduce waste.
  • You can trace your waste for a day - track the things you throw away and where they go!
  • Show challenges you face in handling waste, like no reliable waste collection systems or no space to compost.
  • Tell your own little success story in reducing or taking care of waste like making useful items from waste materials. You can even tell a few stories!

2. Share the link to that post on Facebook.

3. Nominate a new friend (or many friends!) to participate each time you post!

4. There is no limit on the number of posts. You can post as many as you want.

Selected submissions will be featured in the Environment Group, and some posts may be selected to feature on World Pulse social media.

Deadline extended to 31 July, 2016.

Make change!