Getting Started: Path to Participation Initiative

Not sure where to start? Start here!

  1. Explore the data on Take it in and notice your reactions. What do the numbers spark inside of you? Jot down your ideas and identify the story you wish to share with the world.
  2. Do you have a story that illuminates the statistics? Or do you know someone whose life experience is reflected in the data? We know that data can tell a story, but it’s not the whole story. Personal narrative can inspire action and move readers to action.
  3. Begin writing. There’s no wrong way to share your voice. All stories are important; your story matters.


You are an expert!Whoever you are, wherever you live, you have an important perspective to share. Your personal story can inspire others to join you on the path to participation.

Put the reader in your shoes:On World Pulse your reader is likely an engaged global citizen. They might not know a lot about your particular context, but they are eager to learn and connect with your experience. They are waiting to cheer you on. Consider writing about a specific moment in time, and use vivid details to paint a picture. Help your reader understand both the context of your situation and the emotional realities behind the numbers.

Look to Solutions:We know that one person can’t solve these huge issues on their own, but we believe you are a very important part of the solution. We want to know about your journey. What is the particular aspect of the problem that you are working on or seeking to address in your community? What challenges do you face and how do you know when you’re on the right track? Let the reader in on your big vision and the concrete steps you think will help get there!

Looking for inspiration? Here are some stories that World Pulse has published in the past on the topics of education, gender-based violence, and health:

AFGHANISTAN: The Cost of My Freedom

By Zarha Saifey

"Before going to university, I was blind. I could not see the world as it is."

ZAMBIA: A Fertile Ground for Infection

By Chinemu

“For women to break free of the HIV/AIDS virus, we need to empower them with information, life skills, and above all economic means.”

CAMEROON: Stop Torturing Our Daughters

By Nakinti

"The silence around this harmful tradition has been broken, and what used to be done in the dark has been brought to light."

Note:When selecting stories for publication, we look for stories that emphasize personal voice, creativity, courage, innovation, restoration, efficiency, transition, transformation, and collaboration. We also favor stories from writers who are from the regions they are writing about.

We look forward to hearing your voice. Share your story today!