Community Guidelines

World Pulse is a safe space where every woman’s voice can rise.

Together, we have created a supportive and nurturing community where every woman’s story matters, and every voice is valued.

We encourage you to share openly, and to post original content.

Share openly and honestly. Speak authentically about your experiences, your challenges, your hopes and dreams, and your vision for your own life and your community.

Content that is not original or that is not properly cited will be removed. Plagiarized content will not be tolerated, and we discourage members from posting links to news articles without providing context or personal commentary.

When uploading photos, please ensure that you have copyright permissions, and that you have appropriately credited the photographer. If others are included in your photos, ensure that you have their permission to put their photo online. If the image includes minors, you must have permission from their parents or guardians to post it. If you are posting a photo that is aggressive, crude, or graphic, the photo may be removed.

As World Pulse members, we agree to interact respectfully with each other. We refrain from attacking, blaming, shaming, accusing, or passing judgment. This space is meant for support, celebration, and learning from each other.

We recognize and honor the diversity in our experiences, belief systems, and differing local contexts. We find strength in our diversity. We do not tolerate discriminatory content on World Pulse, and recognize the value in our unique situations. We encourage members to honor each other's best sense of spirituality and religion by refraining from proselytizing or working to recruit members to a religion or church.

Men and male-identified members are welcome on World Pulse as supporters and allies. However, men are encouraged to read stories and listen before making posts and comments. When posting or commenting, we ask that you recognize that many community members have had traumatic experiences with men in the past, and may need to rebuild trust and a sense of safety. As with all forms of bias and discrimination, sexism will not be tolerated.

On World Pulse, we are committed to protecting the privacy and safety of each member. Any content that reveals private contact information, locations or personal details of other members will be removed.

Members are encouraged to take measures to protect themselves, especially if they are logging on from regions where free speech is not protected or if they have reason to believe that speaking out will put them in danger. Members may use aliases or profile images that conceal their identity. All members are encouraged to use the public/private option to keep sensitive content private to our community, as needed. Please see our guidelines on Staying Safe Online.

We recognize that many of the issues and experiences shared by members on World Pulse may be disturbing to some. You may choose to mark your content as “Sensitive.”

World Pulse is a destination for community leaders from around the world. While many members are actively seeking funding for their work, it is not a space to request funds for personal use. Links to outside fundraising pages or campaigns can be shared in posts or as a “need” in the Resource Exchange.

World Pulse reserves the right to remove or modify content that does not adhere to the above, or that is deemed to be spam, pornographic, or otherwise in violation of our Terms of Service.

As a World Pulse member, you are a steward of our community culture. If you see any content that concerns you, please feel free to contact [email protected] or to mark the content as spam.