International Women's Day 2021

Her Story Makes History

Every day is International Women's Day on World Pulse.

We can't make history without our stories.

2020 was a historic year for setting women back. What if 2021 was historic for moving us forward?

World Pulse knows we can’t make history without her story: the woman who has been systematically silenced. The woman whose voice could speak a new reality into existence. The woman who sees solutions no one else can. At this pivotal moment, she belongs at the forefront.

On World Pulse, we celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History month all year. Share your story. Speak your vision for change. Join us as we rally around every storyteller to amplify her vision for a better world – lifting all of our voices online to power change on the ground. Because when we lift up women’s stories, we create a new story for us all.

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Nini Mappo

“World Pulse accorded me a global audience of change-makers and change activators, sisters with whom I enjoy connecting so much, and who have enriched my life tremendously.”

Kirthi Jayakumar

“Our liberation as women is intricately tied up together, and whenever one of us takes a step forward, ALL of us take a step forward. When one of us is tired, we carry her with us in our hearts, breathing life and energy into her with the sheer gift of being rooted to our care for one another.”

Regina Afanwi Young

“Am proud to declare that our leadership and our power as women is UNIQUE because we believe we are stronger together. World Pulse sisters are tied up with cords that cannot and will never be broken!”

Stories from our community