International Women's Day 2019

A New Story for Women

Your comment could change her life. Her story could change your own.

One voice is powerful. Our voices together are unstoppable.

Every day is International Women’s Day on World Pulse. Hear from women from all over the globe who are speaking out and becoming the authors of their own destiny. Send love with the click of a button and leave a comment of support—your words provide the love and solidarity needed to transform our communities and the world.

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Unleash your voice.

You have a story that no one else can tell. Share to unburden yourself. Share to let others know they are not alone. Share to inspire action, to spark the change you want to see.

Exchange support.

We are a global community 64,000-strong. Log on to lift up your sisters with encouraging, supportive comments and find the support you need in return.

Spark change.

Women who speak out and support each other on World Pulse have gone on to influence policy, start their own organizations, and have impacted over 5 million lives in the past year alone! What change will you create?

World Pulse Ambassadors invite you to join us.

Meet just a few of our Ambassadors who are lifting up women's stories across the globe and connecting them to our global sisterhood.

Jill, Spain

“World Pulse is a communal sisterhood where I can shine my unique light that beacons to other sisters who are searching for a safe harbor to return to... I hope more women experience the love, support, and magic that happens every single day in our community.”

Paulina Nayra, the Philippines

“World Pulse is my home, my world community. I drew my inspiration and courage for writing from sisters who care to respond, who encourage me to write more, who prods me to share my story. That's what we do. We lift each other up.”

Anita Muhanguzi, Uganda

“As a member of World Pulse, I have been able to network and interact with women from all over the world. This great platform has made me gain many sisters who have taught me so much about life.”

Stories from our community