About Story Awards

When you raise your voice on World Pulse, you join a movement of women speaking out for change from all regions of the world. 

We share to unburden ourselves. We share to let others know they are not alone. We share to inspire action and spark change in our lives and in our communities. Women who speak out and support each other on World Pulse have gone on to influence policy, start their own organizations, and have impacted over 5 million lives in the past year alone! 

When you share on World Pulse, you will not only receive comments and encouragement from peers all over the world — you could be selected to receive added visibility to our network of over 64,000!

Read on to find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


How does it work?

World Pulse offers several calls for stories that are always open to contributions. You can find them on the Raise Your Voice page. We also regularly release new calls for stories to get you talking about important events and happenings that are relevant to women globally. Most importantly, we believe women are experts in their own lives, and we always welcome you to share on the issues and topics that matter most to you. 


What happens after I share my story?

As soon as you share your story, it will appear publicly on World Pulse’s website as part of our online community. Your story may inspire comments, loves, and opportunities to connect with changemakers from all over the world! Our global community is here to listen.

When you share your story, you also have the opportunity to receive added visibility—and to reach tens of thousands with your story! Our editors are reading your stories daily to select contributions for publication on the Stories page, visibility on our social media channels, and in our weekly Community Digest. We believe that the world will be a better place when women's voices are heard.

In addition, World Pulse occasionally selects Featured Storytellers who receive a Story Award. This includes a special badge on their World Pulse profile, editing support, publication on our Stories page, in our weekly Community digest, and on our social media channels. These storytellers also receive a $100 US honorarium.

What are the criteria for choosing stories that are highlighted or given a Story Award?

World Pulse editors select stories that are first person narratives and follow these general Guidelines. Additionally, we look to achieve diversity, including regional diversity, among the stories we highlight each week. Note that we can only award Featured Storytellers a few times a month—but highlight many stories each week. We value every voice that shares on World Pulse, and just by sharing your voice on World Pulse you are reaching thousands and inspiring the community with your words.

Do I have to be a woman to participate?

We welcome submissions from people across the entire gender spectrum. We love hearing from everyone who is affected by gender inequality and who is a part of the solution. If you identify as male, you may wish to share your story to the Men & Boys call for stories.

Is there risk in sharing publicly? How can I stay safe online?

At World Pulse, your safety and security are very important to us and every woman comes from a different context. You know your safety risk best, and we urge you to take whatever steps necessary to conceal your identity if you are concerned about speaking out on specific issues. Please refer to our Staying Safe Online guide for information and resources to help you take steps to protect your safety without compromising your bold voice.

I have more questions about Story Awards. Who should I contact?

For questions about the Story Awards program not covered here, email [email protected].