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  • Moments of Hope
    The challenges women face every day can sometimes make the future feel bleak. But even at our lowest, we still find the courage to keep going. Share your story about the moments, experiences, people, or beliefs that give you hope.
  • Men & Boys
    Empowering women and girls is key to creating change, but we’ll never achieve a truly equitable world—one where all life thrives—without involving men and boys in our quest for gender equality. Tell us, how can men and boys stand with us? If you identify as male, are an influential figure in a...
  • Our Bodies, Our Health
    In a world where our bodies are legislated, colonized, and dehumanized, we are taking our power back and speaking for ourselves. From disability and reproductive rights to mental health, self care, and more, raise your voice to spotlight the most pressing health concerns facing women right now.
  • Peace for Cameroon
    As conflict escalates in Cameroon’s English speaking region, women are on the front lines—not just as victims or combatants, but as powerful agents of peace. We know there are many stories to tell about women who are affected in a multitude of ways by the conflict. Tell us, how does this conflict...
  • Peace & Security
    Women are often on the front-lines of conflict—not just as victims or combatants, but as powerful agents of peace. Yet still we remain on the outside of peace and security decision-making. Tell us, how are you affected by insecurity, and how are women shaping the future of peace in your community?
  • Protecting Our Planet
    Our earth is in a state of emergency, but we have a powerful defense: our voices. Whether you are a nature lover, an environmental activist, or a steward of natural resources, your story matters more than ever.
  • Image depicts a Nigerian woman holding a Nigerian flag during a protest.
    In Nigeria, youth are at the forefront of a growing movement to end police brutality at the hands of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). As Nigerians gather in the streets and online, World Pulse opens its arms to women leaders who are on the frontlines of movements in Nigeria. Share your...
  • Supporting Our Girls
    The greatest force for global change is growing up before our eyes. Speak out in support of your daughters, your nieces, and girls everywhere. Let's ensure that the voices of our future are poised to lead and thrive.
  • Two African women embracing and laughing
    Behind every story of transformational change, there are stories of those who have been our guiding lights. On World Pulse, we know the power of bearing witness, holding space, and providing support to one another. Let’s celebrate those who encourage and motivate us—and share about our own...