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19 Leaders at the Root of Change

Kim Crane
Posted February 5, 2016 from United States

Meet the new World Pulse Community Champions.

Topsie’s vision for prosperity is rooted in her determination to see women everywhere avoid the economic hardship she watched her mother endure in Nigeria. Aliya’s vision for empowered leadership is rooted in her own resilience growing up in a conflict zone in Kashmir. Victoria in Italy is rooted in the natural world around her, which inspires her to action.

These women join 16 other leaders as the newest cohort of World Pulse Community Champions. They will draw on their roots over the next six months as they mobilize World Pulse’s online community towards solutions to challenges shared by women around the world.

They are stepping up to lead World Pulse’s topic groups:Economic Empowerment, Environment, Gender-based Violence, Leadership, and Technology & Innovation. And they are ushering in the launch of World Pulse’s first regional group, which will bring together change leaders across Africa. They are building on the successesof the Champions who came before them. Five of them are returning Community Champions, eager to keep growing their impact.

These 19 leaders represent 19 different paths to leadership. They hail from 12 different countries. They have diverse skills, from group facilitation to written expression. While they will put their own unique stamp on their work, they are united by the belief that for our visions to become reality, we need each other. “Bringing women’s voices together binds us in sisterhood,” says Celine, one of the Champions for the new Africa group.

At World Pulse, this sisterhood is defined broadly. Though World Pulse groups are bursting with women’s ideas and creativity, women aren’t the only ones making important contributions. This year we welcome our first male Community Champion, Imran Inam, of Pakistan, who is excited to help lead the Economic Empowerment group.

Join these leaders as they co-create revolutionary online spaces where anyone can express herself, find resources and support, and find her own path to leadership.

Gender-based Violence Group

Tamarack Verrall | Canada
I am personally invested in the Gender-based Violence Group because…the only way that I can bear what is going on is to refuse to accept it and work to create a world in which women and girls are safe, respected, and free.

I most look forward to...conspiring with such strong and determined brilliant sisters.

My message for the World Pulse community… When in doubt, trust yourself profoundly and remember that you are not alone.

Sherna Alexander Benjamin | Trinidad and Tobago
I am personally invested in this group because…gender-based violence destroyed the foundation for my life, which I am still rebuilding. If by using the debris of my life I can make a difference and save one person then what happened to me was not in vain.

I am most looking forward to…experiencing the changing of lives, networking, and forming lasting relationships.

My words of wisdom… Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy.

Lidwine Ameh | Nigeria
I am passionate about this group because… I have witnessed a lot of women pass through torment in silence. This is a wake up call.

I look forward to…opening a window of hope with my role as Community Champion.

My vision…is to create a balanced circle for a woman’s voice to be heard.

Busayo Obisakin | NigeriA | Returning Community Champion
I am looking forward to… sharing in my group my best practices, my struggles, and my fears as someone working on the issue of violence against women for the last six years. I am also looking forward to learning from others what they have been doing in their communities.

My message to the World Pulse community… Come to the World Pulse community and you will be so surprised by how quickly you will move from a dreamer to an achiever.

Economic Empowerment Group

Jane Kalu Okereke | Nigeria
I am looking forward to… a time when every young woman and girl in Africa will be empowered economically, thereby reducing gender-based violence caused by dependency on the men folks.

My vision for change is… mobilizing leaders to organize offline training for communities that do not have electricity and Internet services.

Imran Inam | Pakistan
I am most looking forward to… being a good listener and supportive guider.

I bring… experience working for the betterment of marginalized communities in Pakistan.

Words of wisdom I live by… Honesty and dedication always reward.

Topsie Olatilewa Egbetokun | Nigeria
I am personally invested in the Economic Empowerment group because… I was raised by a single mother with seven children and I saw all my life the struggle of a mother to make ends meet. Seeing hopelessness of women and girls daily keeps me up at night.

I will know this group is successful when… there is high level of knowledge transfer, active engagement, membership growth, and there is a sense of an I can do it attitude.

My favorite quote… "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” —Steve Jobs

Environment Group

Victoria Vorosciuc | Moldova/Italy | Returning Champion
I am passionate about this group because... environment for me is everything! The air I breathe, the land I step on, the water, and all its composing ingredients, without which we could not be here—whatever our mission in this life is.

A quote that inspires me… “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” —Robert Swan.

My message for World Pulse members… From your village, city, continent, you can bring unique stories of how the environment impacts the life of your community and we all can share solutions, positive examples and learn from each other.

Nusrat Ara | Kashmir | Returning Community Champion
I am passionate about the environment group because… I believe taking care of the environment should be a top priority for everyone given the damages we have already done. We are putting our lives and those of future generations in danger. We owe this not only to our children but also mother earth who has nurtured us.

I will know this group is successful when... members report successful projects. This can be big or as small as making compost from kitchen waste.

Martha Elena Llano Serna | Colombia
My vision…is to engage people to make them feel part of something bigger than their individual dreams.

Words of wisdom I live by… Peace is our natural heritage.

Leadership Group

Soumya Vilekar | India
I will know the Leadership Group is successful when…every member of the group believes in his/herself as a leader and leads his/her own family, group, organization on the path of progress.

I am most looking forward to... bringing a mass revolution in the group and encouraging women to lead respectfully.

Aliya Bashir | Kashmir | Returning Community Champion
I am personally invested in the leadership group because… I believe that women ought to be leaders under all circumstances. The connection in this group is amazing. We inspire each other, cutting through the barriers of background, religion, and age.

My message for World Pulse members... I was born in a conflict zone in Kashmir and the day to day uncertainty of peace and security has given me an insight: Through willpower and desire, one can strongly fight all the challenges and keep the windows of the heart open for light to pass in!

Grace Ikirimat | Uganda | Returning Community Champion
I am passionate about the Leadership group because… at this stage of my life, I’m working towards becoming a better woman leader every day.

A quote that inspires me… “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” —Margaret Thatcher. It reminds me always that women have an urgent role to play in this world if we want a better world.

Technology & Innovation Group

Adanna Ononiwu | Nigeria
I am looking forward to… ensuring that women's voices are heard, especially on how technology directly or indirectly affects them.

I bring to the Technology group... experience as a Project Manager, STEM Mentor and Community Listener on World Pulse. I will also use my IT skills to teach interested women.

Words of wisdom I live by...Your value is based on how you see and love yourself.

Shahd Hamid | Iraq/USA
I am personally invested in the technology group because… technology by itself is useless without leaders knowing how to utilize it. This is why I find myself responsible to help women reach out, connect, and share without being harmed or harassed online.

When I want to do something I always ask myself… Do you want it? Did you try? Did you try enough?

You should know about me… I survived wars, I am hardcore, I fear nothing.

Coolasas | Philippines
My vision…is for women—young and old—to be able to utilize the advantages of the Internet to prosper in their lives and affect the lives around them.

I am most looking forward to… learning and giving something back.

Africa Group… coming soon!

Celine Osukwu | Nigeria
I’m passionate about this group because... Africa is a large continent with many countries and diverse traditions, religions, societal norms, and practices. Women, who are the embodiments of these traditions and even the unity of families, are hardly put in focus. I am glad to be part of the journey to project African issues around the women who are unsung, silent actors in everyday life.

I’m most looking forward to… communicating with women from across borders very closely, even without meeting face to face. Bringing women’s voices together binds us in sisterhood.

Stella Ndugire-Mbugua | Kenya
I’m passionate about this group because... there are lots of positive things happening in Africa which are rarely in the spotlight.

I’m most looking forward to…mentoring and cheering on women of Africa to find home grown solutions to their own problems and issues. Positive indigenous solutions by Africa, for Africa are more sustainable.

I am blessed... with a great voice! Singing in a local church band keeps me joyful, grateful and more so calm in the midst of insurmountable hurdles in the journey that is life.

Marie-Claire N Kuja | Cameroon/USA
I am passionate about this group because... One in 10 adolescent girls in Africa misses school and eventually drops out due to menstruation-related issues. I have a dream that during the next six months on World Pulse, we will jointly find homegrown solutions to deal with this issue once and for all.

I am most looking forward to… sharing my knowledge as an anti-bullying advocate. Together we can build a bully-free world for us, our children, and the generation to come.

I’ve been called… Cameroon’s Maya Angelou! I am an author and speaker and I use my voice as a gift towards the empowerment of women and girls.

Dive Deeper: We invite you to join these leaders and take part in theEconomic Empowerment,Environment,Gender-based Violence,Leadership, andTechnology & Innovationgroups. And stay tuned for the Africa Group!

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Feb 06, 2016
Feb 06, 2016

Hi it is really incredible forum. togather we can make difference. I request that we all should do with grate volunteer commitment to work and reach to those for whom no is working lets put of our hands togather for brigning positive changes in the lives of women in need to our help. You all are grate people. keep it up well done

Soumya Vilekar
Feb 06, 2016
Feb 06, 2016

This is an incredible platform which provides equal opportunities to let women voice and speak about their concerns ,irrespective of wherever they are placed, stayed or they belong to. The unity of women on such a largee scale globally is indeed commendable where a community alike a family has been formed with the bonds, concerns, interactions and conversations with each other . I am proud to be a part of such an indigenous community.




(Leadership group)

Feb 07, 2016
Feb 07, 2016

Welcome ladies! Wishing you all an enjoyable and impactful time as community champions.

Marie-Claire Kuja
Feb 07, 2016
Feb 07, 2016

Accept warm greetings dear Champs.

And Congrtulations too.

It's so exciting to have the opporunity to serve the world with great leader such as all  you champions.I look forward to knowing you all better,collaborating and working together for the greater good of the women of the world pulse community and beyond.

My prayer is for God to lead us all and bless us with the wisdom to lead not only as women but as mothers----with love and compassion towards each other and  the women we will be serving.

Thank you all so much for sharing this space with me.

Yours truly,


Feb 08, 2016
Feb 08, 2016

It is indeed a grate opportunity to serve humanity.I pray God will give us the wisdom of Solomon so that we will take World Pulse and the women folks to  grater height.



Feb 08, 2016
Feb 08, 2016

I am so happy to see many beautiful faces I know as community champions. Welcome dear ones and enjoy your 6 months as champions.  

Feb 08, 2016
Feb 08, 2016

I salute you all! Keep on doing what you do best! 

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Feb 08, 2016
Feb 08, 2016

Congratulations !!!! Continue in the race for change. Best wishes

Busayo Obisakin
Feb 09, 2016
Feb 09, 2016

Welcome Ladies, it is so wonderful been in the same boat with you! You are all amazing!!

Oriyomi Adebare
Feb 09, 2016
Feb 09, 2016

Welcome ladies. Wish you the best at this time and pray World Pulse becomes better under your leadership.

Feb 12, 2016
Feb 12, 2016

I am glad to be part of this great team.

Aliya Bashir
Feb 16, 2016
Feb 16, 2016

Warm Greetings from Kashmir!

Hello lovelies!

Thank you so much for this incredible and powerful write-up.

I feel so priveldged to continue my second-term as CC.

Thank you WP for connecting me to these amazing pool of women. 

Magical connection!!!


Aliya Bashir

Community Champion, Leadership Group

Feb 17, 2016
Feb 17, 2016

Congratulations to you all.

Very inspiring stories and I wish you all the best in your journeys as Community Champions. 

rophine wakhungu
Mar 15, 2016
Mar 15, 2016

Hi guys you are real thinking and doing things that are helping the community may you add more effords so that we grow each and every day am real excited about your stories may almighty bless you add you more knowlegde so that you goes on empowering our women thank you so much single girl rophy

Mar 30, 2016
Mar 30, 2016

I adore each and everyone of you for acting with courage, heart and compassion.  Thank you.

Apr 06, 2016
Apr 06, 2016

I am so very proud of you all.  With minds like urs, our struggle for women empowerment, education for the girl-child, eradication of FGM and all other violence against women shall not be in vain.   

In Nigeria, women are their own problem. Who says a widow should be by her death husband's side until it is ascertained that she does not have a hand in the death of her husband -  women. For this and so many other atrocities meted out on women to stop, women must rise up and speak with one voice and say enough is enough. It is only then that we can achieve our potentials through education, empowerment, etc.

Thank you all for i have been inspired.

Apr 06, 2016
Apr 06, 2016
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