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Get Up, Stand Up

Jensine Larsen
Posted August 29, 2012 from United States

Russian Women Punk Rockers Challenge Putin in a Church

Muslim Woman Sues Disneyland for Discrimination

US Nuns Defy Vatican, Go on Bus Tour

Saudi Women Complete First Ever Olympics

These are the headlines that make me jump up and do some air guitar!

More and more, women are standing up and shattering the status quo. And media is helping their voices echo around the world, inspiring a new generation of women and girls to chart their own course.

I see it happening first hand on World Pulse. Through the wires, women are logging on from every corner of the globe and sharing how they are taking small and big steps to speak out and be leaders. Many never before believed anyone would listen to them; many face grave obstacles to being heard. Yet, they are the rising leaders who are turning the tide in every dusty village and urban metropolis imaginable.

Seventy percent of respondents to our online community survey said they now consider themselves to be leaders in their communities—and it’s obvious in their writing, in their stories.

When you read the following article—a collection of submissions from our community members on the topic of Standing Up—you’ll feel the pulse of the revolution for yourself. You’ll understand how it feels to be in Afghanistan fighting to overturn a law promoting rape, while an angry crowd throws stones at you. How it feels to stand your ground when your in laws try to convince you to abort your twins, simply because they are female. How it feels to change a nation’s attitude about menstruation. How it feels to band together with other women to address alcoholism in your rural community.

I often say—and believe—that the stories that are emerging from the sweat and determination of women across our network is giving rise to the next wave of Nobel Peace Laureates and Pulitzer Prize winning authors.

You can hear it now on a vibrant cacophony of new leadership reverberating across our network. We are committed to broadcasting their voices, to listening to their recommendations, and channeling those recommendations to influential forums and key media outlets—from the UN Earth Summit, to the African Union, to the US State Department, CNN, and the Huffington Post.

Listen, and then ask yourself – how are you going to speak out and stand up today?

Because once the genie is out of the bottle—there is no going back.

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Katrina Maria
Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012

Hi I wanted to invite women in my Town in Namibia to world pulse,how am I doing with refreshments,videos stationary.I have nothing but its burning to share with the grassroots women this wonderful experience its keep me going reading and fallowing this side.