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The New Silk Road

Jensine Larsen
Posted July 28, 2009 from United States

In that corporate glass-walled room, the murmurings I have been hearing over the last six months are confirmed: Women manage money differently, and had there been more women at the helm of investment decisions all along, the worst of the global financial meltdown might have been averted.

The report finds that women—in charge of just 3% of hedge funds and 10% of mutual funds—are more patient and consistent with their investments. They are less apt to take overconfident risks and more likely to integrate detailed and conflicting data into their decisions. Moreover, women-owned funds are more stable and consistently outperform general funds with higher returns.

As I watch these women fund managers speak about the critical mass of women leaders required for sustainable financial systems, I know I am witnessing an historic moment. The words I am hearing are indicators of a much larger economic metamorphosis to come.

Today we have a new trade route opening up—a kind of “Silk Road” of knowledge and ideas. The communications revolution is accelerating a living exchange of information, medicine, technology, and culture—breeding innovation across borders—not unlike the ancient silk routes of the past.

As they gain influence and access, women are using these opened passageways to carve new routes bearing treasures of wisdom and collaboration that are transforming our economic systems. The hot commodities are no longer textiles and spices—they are the shared values of caregiving, healthy ecosystems, spiritual well-being, community, beauty, and complex diversity. Along this new silk road of women’s economic leadership, global spending priorities fundamentally shift and the true shareholders become our children.

In these pages you’ll read the fresh thinking of economic visionaries, women reinventing businesses, and girls on the frontlines of a youth revolution. And on PulseWire, our online community newswire, you can travel a silk road of your own by importing and exporting ideas with women from over 130 countries.

Through the rising pulse of women’s voices, what was once degraded is becoming sacred. What was taken for granted is celebrated. What used to register zero sum on the balance sheets is creeping upward. Past paradigms that left us all feeling hollow will start to feel fulfilling. ●



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Jacqueline Patiño
Sep 14, 2009
Sep 14, 2009

Dear Jensine,

Today I've been reading the World Pulse magazine. And I found you. And you gave me hope. Hope that this new silk road that you tell us about will also be filled with the word, phrases, sounds and colors from women coming from all over the world. Like myself, many women need to be reminded of the existence of this hope. We live in danger, in poverty, in oppression, in ignorance, in war... and most of the time we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But what I just read reminded me of the possibility, of the glimpse of light, of the new future being cooked up here. Thanks for that. And thanks for the content of this month. It is awesome to see women thinkers take the stand in economic matters, revering the wisdom that we have inherited from our female ancestors.

Hugs my friend,


Ken Osiko
Oct 26, 2009
Oct 26, 2009

Thanks and pleasure to meet you on the pulsewire page ,ihave so much fort for the rights of Women especialy in my area .I believe that their role is even more important ,iwould therefore encourage them to express themselves for iknow that there is fear of being fooled. Most of them dont know what responce they will get after making anystep .The responce can be positive,negative, cold or indifferent or enthusiastic .The result is afeeling of lonelyness possesses them building up aspirit of aloofness. It could also make one be self centred and selfish.Because ibelong to the church ,it has been apoint of interest for me to front for them given the fact that as aman of God every ido is based on trueth and its also Women forming the majority.and they are involved in almost everything that is being done in the church.

God Bless you to continou struggling for Women rights. Ken Osiko, Kenya, Mobile ;254723356061, 254738849185.
subhadra khaperde
Feb 06, 2010
Feb 06, 2010

Dear Jensine The ethic of care giving which is so central to a woman's mental and emotional make up will always make her a much more prudent manager of resources in any sphere and more specifically so in the financial markets. Congratulations to you for having elaborated on this in such a beautiful way. regards Subhadra

Nov 09, 2012
Nov 09, 2012

Greetings Jensine, I set a date way in the future, when I first read your post to send you this request for update on the opening up of money management to women. Is Wall Street opening up senior positions in fund management that are gender sensitive?

I, for one, would very much appreciate an update from you on this platform....

echo demitrez
Jun 25, 2016
Jun 25, 2016

Hi enderoin, 

mesa furst awn regga lefty!

Nice page to read and know about the silk road as well as the economic saga in the world. 

Love *Peace!

Echo demitrez prays for you!