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Jensine Larsen
Posted January 1, 2004 from United States

When I took my first tentative steps to start this publication, I had a hunch that something huge was going on globally with women. Now, two years later, I am convinced that there is a potent and sophisticated global movement rising from all corners of the earth. It is a movement focused on creating innovative solutions for our children, for our future. This rising lifeforce—this pulse—is bravely moving beyond patterns of blame and victimization to harness the vast power of human potential.

Women and youth are at the forefront of this unstoppable and vibrant worldwide activation.

They are risking their lives on the frontlines to create peace communities where peace was not thought possible. They are designing successful models to end child sexual abuse, standing naked on oil wells demanding a safe environment and jobs for their communities, and swelling the streets with marches for stricter gun controls. They are writing human rights reports and exposing genocide, forming new independent media, standing up against the practice of female genital circumcision, and designing models that create islands of health in some of the poorest nations. They are holding ambitious international conferences to bring together women and youth leaders, banding together as mothers in political action groups, and inventing sustainable economic policies that benefit children and the environment.

These points of light are often hard to see through the fog of newspapers and television networks that rely on a language of conflict and crises. But these rays of hope exist and the key to their growing success is the emerging language they are speaking. It is a language of possibility.

Our words create our worlds. It's no coincidence that you have found World Pulse, a guide to help expose you to a language you can use to make anything possible—for your life and for your world.

It took me years to gather the courage and strength to step forward and find the help I needed to give this publication life. I drew from my experiences as an international journalist witnessing the unsung Gandhis, Aung San Suu Kyis, and Martin Luther Kings moving forward in country after country, sometimes risking their lives to speak their truth. These are ordinary people like you and me, who simply said to themselves and others—"It's possible."

It's time to take the leadership of women and children seriously. At a moment in history when our societies are drastically out of balance, fresh unheard voices are required to bring about a true global security. When over half of the world's population cannot live into their full potential because of violence, poverty, ill health, and lack of education, there can be no security. And we cannot begin to solve our problems without listening equally to the expressions and solutions of those who bear the brunt of these problems—women and children.

When we listen to women and youth, we experience a new worldview. We discover that our current situation calls for nothing less than a massive reallocation of our resources from war and exploitation towards education, healthcare, and international platforms that support human rights and human potential. It's not idealistic; it's realistic. It's not foolishness; it's hard-headedness. It's not impractical; it's utterly sensible. Our greatest untapped resource is the potential of women and youth. Here lies the earth's true gems—our rubies, our salt, our diamonds, and our black gold.

We are proud to bring you coverage that illuminates the world around you. Coverage that transports you to the streets and villages of distant lands. Coverage that exposes you to the human forces creating courageous solutions for our future and beckons you to join us.



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Bettina Amendi
Mar 05, 2019
Mar 05, 2019

Dear Jensine,
It was the right choice.
Thank you very much.

Leonida Odongo
Mar 02, 2020
Mar 02, 2020

Thank you for the bold step Jensine.World Pulse has created a space for women connecting , nurturing each other and learning from each other.


Queen Sheba D Cisse
Oct 12, 2020
Oct 12, 2020

Hello Sister Jensine,
Many of us reading this story can definitely relate to what struggles and may I add darn courage it takes to create a platform to share your vision and mission to the world. As a Nonprofit founder it is a ongoing cause to the end of life and beyond. Thank you for a helping hand to empower women in leadership.
Great choice and we say Salute!
Mama Queen