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Food Innovation Challenge: Picturing Health

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What does a healthy meal look like in your home?

Across the world, changing cultural norms and the globalization of the world’s food supply have shifted the way people eat. The result? Undernutrition, obesity, and poor health outcomes for many. But in every corner of the world, people are championing new and traditional ways of eating that promote health and wellness.

World Pulse has teamed up with LAUNCH Food to paint a picture of what healthy eating looks like in communities across the globe. From the food on your plate to the traditions and nutritious benefits behind them, we’re showcasing the meals that sustain and nurture us.

We’re seeking photo and/or video submissions that illustrate what healthy eating looks like in your community. You can also write a narrative about the traditions and practices around food in your culture.

Whether it’s a kale salad in California, fermented soybeans in Japan, or taro leaves cooked in coconut milk in the Philippines—the food on your plate can play a positive role in our collective understanding of health, nutrition, and wellbeing.

By sharing what’s on the menu in your home, you have the chance to be published by World Pulse and promoted on LAUNCH Food’s Global Food Diary and on their global social media channels! You’ll also help kickstart a worldwide culture shift toward healthier eating.

NEed inspiration?

Watch World Pulse community member Precious M's video submission.
Here's a sample script to help get you started!
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF (0.05 seconds)

Tell the world who you are and where you’re from.

  • TELL US WHY (0.15 seconds)

Why is healthy eating important to your community? What challenges do you and your community face when it comes to food?

  • SHOW US WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE (0.25 seconds)

Show us what a healthy meal looks like in your home. Provide a close up shot of the meal you wish to share. Explain the ingredients, their nutritional value, and the traditions behind them.


What can the world learn from the way you approach nutrition? What would the world be like if everyone had access to healthy meals? How can the international community help make your vision a reality? Inspire people to act!


LAUNCH Food is a global challenge aiming to find scalable innovations that will improve nutrition and health outcomes worldwide. It’s powered by a partnership between LAUNCH, the Australian government’s innovationXchange, USAID, and SecondMuse. Learn more about LAUNCH here, and follow #LAUNCHFood for updates.


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