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Women’s Bodies and the Law

In the first days of his term, U.S. President Donald Trump issued an executive order to revive and expand the “Global Gag Rule”, denying US funding to any organization that provides access to abortion—or even mentions abortion as an option. In response—and in contrast—the Netherlands announced a new fund to support abortion access across the globe.

Throughout January, World Pulse has been collecting stories about reproductive rights and justice. In light of these new developments, this call for stories will be extended through 16 February.

Tell us, what are the reproductive rights issues that affect your community? And how are you impacted by political shifts in international reproductive health funding?

In October, a massive women’s strike and march in Poland halted what would have been a near-total ban on abortion. In December, reproductive rights supporters in the US state of Ohio successfully fought an extreme “fetal heartbeat” bill, only to see another law restricting abortion access take its place. What are the reproductive rights battles being fought in your community?

How do the laws in your country affect your reproductive health and choices? What are the most important victories, setbacks, and pressing issues you face?

Do you have a story about legislation that affects you personally or someone you know? Or if the laws protect your rights, are there cultural attitudes that undermine them? Have you witnessed grassroots efforts to increase access to reproductive health care or change policy?

Join voices from across the globe speaking out for women’s autonomy, health, and wellbeing.


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