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Online Harassment

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World Pulse and are joining forces to crowdsource stories about online abuse and harassment.

The Internet has the power to connect people for change. But our communication technologies can also facilitate harassment and abuse. According to a recent poll by Take Back the Tech, 79% of women have censored themselves or changed their behavior either because of or in fear of online harassment.

Have you experienced personal attacks, rape threats, or other forms of intimidation online? Have you been met with hostility for challenging the status quo on social media? Or for simply participating in online spaces traditionally dominated by men?

Tell us your experiences as well as your ideas for solutions to this growing problem.

We’re inspired by two women—Chinmayi Sripada in India and Brenda Tracy in the US—who are fighting against this disturbing trend by reminding the world of a simple concept: #RapeThreatsNotOk. In response to a growing number of women who have received rape threats on Twitter, Chinmayi and Brenda each spearheaded petitionsto put pressure on the company to accept its responsibility in perpetuating these attacks. They’re calling for Twitter to undertake a large scale shutdown of accounts that tweet rape threats.

Together, World Pulse and invite you to sign eitherChinmayi orBrenda’s petition and to share your own story of harassment and abuse online through World Pulse Story Awards.

Tell us, how has online abuse affected you personally? What is the impact for society when women are silenced and pushed out of online spaces while their harassers avoid accountability for their actions?What will it take to make the Internet safe for all women to participate fully?

We’re looking for stories about any facet of online abuse. Those that specifically address harassment on Twitter may be selected to receive additional visibility through!

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DeadLine extended! THIS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS CLOSES ON 20 July, 2017 AT 11:59 PM PST.

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