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Bringing Up Boys

We know that empowering women and girls is key to creating meaningful and lasting change in communities around the world. But a truly equitable world—one where all life thrives—cannot be achieved without involving men and boys in our efforts.

Increasingly, conversations about changing the culture for women focus on how to raise strong daughters who are prepared to stand up, rise up, and lead in the face of staggering rates of sexual violence, harmful cultural practices, economic inequities, and more.

But what of our sons who are growing up in a culture that encourages toxic masculinity and the devaluing of women and girls? How can we build up a generation of boys who champion gender equality, reject patriarchal values, and respect the rights of all?

World Pulse invites you to share your stories and recommendations on the theme of men and boys in the movement for equality. Whether you’re a male ally yourself, an influential figure in a young boy’s life, or a woman who wants to celebrate a man who has stood by you, you have a story to tell.

THIS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Closed 15February, 2018 AT 11:59 PM PST.**

**If you are interested in writing on this topic, consider submitting your story to our Share Your Story on Any Topic call for submissions, which is always open.

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