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The Future of Security Is Women

Thank you for speaking out! Our month-long digital event has officially closed—and we are awed by the power of your voices! We received 150 stories and over 400 survey responses. We will contact Featured Storytellers via email or private message in the coming weeks, and all of your voices will be delivered to policymakers and thought leaders in early 2019! 

In the meantime, connect with your World Pulse sisters and leave comments of encouragement. Sharing our stories is a vulnerable act, and supporting for each other is what World Pulse is all about. And, remember, Story Awards is always open. Whatever story you have to share, on whatever topic, we want to hear from you.


From 12 September to 10 October, World Pulse hosted a month-long digital event, in partnership with Our Secure Future and Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership, to deliver your voices, experiences, and visions for a more peaceful and secure world to policymakers and influencers worldwide.

Tell us, what does security mean for you, for your home, and for your community? How can we create a more safe, secure, and peaceful world for all?

Too often, security discussions focus on resources and assets, weapons and war, and territories and states. For too long, the concept of peace and security has been defined on a national and international level, rather than on a local and personal level.

But security issues impact us all: from how safe we feel at home, to how we make a living, and to whether or not our country is in a state of war or conflict.

In the US, nearly three women are killed every day by their partners. Globally, more than 800 women die from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth every day. The refugee crisis in the Middle East is getting worse—and violence against women, especially in refugee camps, is increasing.

We cannot ensure that we, as women, feel secure in our homes, on our streets, and in our countries without actively including women’s voices in discussions about how we create security. We know that when women are included in peace and security processes, there is a greater chance that peace will be lasting.

We want to hear from you. How does insecurity impact your home, your family, your country, or your future? What experiences have shaped your definitions of security? How are you working to bring about a more secure world, and what do you need to make your vision a reality?

Let’s make those most affected by conflict—women—in charge of finding solutions. Together, we will raise our voices to create a more peaceful and secure world for everyone.

This call for stories is part of the Global Polling Project, a collaboration between World Pulse, Our Secure Future and Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership to ensure that women’s voices are represented in peace and security discussions. Stories submitted to this call will inform a final report that will be delivered to policymakers, thought leaders, and the public in early 2019.  

All submitted stories will be eligible for World Pulse Story Awards. World Pulse and Our Secure Future will select 5 to 10 Featured Storytellers who will be published on and receive 100 USD honorariums. In addition, 3 to 5 Featured Storytellers will have their stories published online and included in full or in part in the final report in early 2019. They will receive honorariums of 500 USD.

*Please keep your own safety and security in mind when submitting to this call for stories. Consider using an alias (pen name) for your username and an avatar for your profile image if you are in a country that does not support free speech, or in an environment where your identity may put you at risk for intimidation or violence. 

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