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Caring for Ourselves


As a community of changemakers, we all risk burning out. When we work to change the world and bear witness to the pain and hardship of others, we are impacted in ways that enrich our lives and lead to deeper understanding and joy. But we are also exposed to the prevalence of trauma, violence, inequalities, and unrelenting hardship in world.

Tell us, what strategies do you use to keep going each day? What challenges do you face and what supports do you need? How can we support ourselves and each other, so that we have the stamina to keep going?

Maybe you have a story about a moment when you realized you needed to prioritize your own wellbeing in order to continue helping others. Maybe you have a story about someone who inspires you and gives you the strength to keep going. Or maybe you have amassed a wealth of self-care strategies that you would like to share with the community.

Whatever story you have to share about self care, we want to hear from you.

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