What story will you tell?

Change starts with a story.

This International Women's Day, we're creating a new story for women.

A story in which we unite as the authors of our own destiny.

A story in which our voices come together to transform the world around us.

A story in which our dreams of change become reality.

World Pulse invites you to raise your voice and share your story with a supportive network of women.

Share to unburden yourself. Share to let others know they are not alone. Share to inspire action, to spark the change you want and need to see in the world.

You might share a story about a time you took a stand, or a time you spoke up. Maybe you have a question you are yearning to ask, or a fear you have never before expressed. Maybe you have a message for your community, or a vision you want to bring to life. Maybe you have words of encouragement for your global sisters, or you might have a request of your own for support.

Whatever you have to say this International Women's Day, we want to hear from you. 

On 8 March, we’ll do what World Pulse sisters do best: We’ll log on to listen to each other and offer support with our comments, our connections, and the knowledge that we are stronger, together.

Every day on World Pulse, we are creating a world where women’s voices are valued and recognized for the power they have to transform, rebuild, and create new narratives. When we break our silence, raise our voices, and join together, we become an unstoppable force for change.

Change starts with a story. Change starts with your voice.


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Stories from our community