How to Participate

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Follow these simple steps to participate in World Pulse Story Awards!

1. Join World Pulse

If you are not yet a member, joining World Pulse will allow you to participate in World Pulse Story Awards. With this free membership, you will also become part of a network of changemakers. Here you can share your voice, connect with women across the globe, and change lives—including your own.

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2. Decide: What story will you tell?

World Pulse posts a new call for stories every otherweek to invite collective wisdom, creativity, and solutions from our global community on issues that matter. The topics range from timely news to general issues affecting women today. We also offer creative calls for stories that encourage multimedia, poetry, and art submissions!

You can find the latest calls for stories on theWorld Pulse Story Awardspage. You can get to this page from anywhere on the World Pulse website: Go to the top navigation bar and select Story Awards in the menu. If you click the "Learn More" button under the "Latest Calls for Stories" you can read more about the Story Awards program and our current calls for stories. Andyou can sign up to have the latest calls for storiesdelivered to your inbox.

You can also:

Tell the story that only YOU can tell. In addition to regular calls for stories on different topics, you always have the option to contribute to our open call for stories. We believe you are the expert on the issues that are important in your life, and we invite you to contribute on topics of your choosing. If you have a story to share that falls outside of our current prompts, submit it here.

3. Post your story

  • On any call for stories, click the button that says Share Your Story. This will take you to a submission form.
  • Choose a descriptive Title for your post
  • Enter your story in the field marked Body. Keep the Editorial Guidelines in mind as you go. We welcome posts that include images, video, and audio.Visit our FAQ to learn how to include multimedia elements in your post.
  • Select Topics and Countries related to your story.
  • Have limited time? You can always save a draft to come back to later, or write your story offline and copy it into your post.
  • Ready? Click Publish to instantly self-publish your story to the World Pulse online community! Your story will be posted in your World Pulse journal and can immediately be viewed by visitors to Your story will appear alongside all the other contributions to the call for stories. And your story may also appear in the My Pulsefeeds of World Pulse community members who have expressed interest in the topics and regions related to your story.

4. Support Your Community

Whether or not your story is chosen by our editors, we invite you to take this opportunity to build your community! By contributing, you are joining a chorus of changemakers who are speaking out for a world where all life thrives.

Return to the calls for stories and theStoriespage to read, comment on, recommend, and share your fellow changemakers’ stories.

No matter how you add your voice to the conversation, you will be helping to create a world where all women thrive.